12 Stellar Bowls Of Ramen To Try

Beat the winter with these soups

Winter, along with its cold temperatures and gray clouds, has officially settled in. Instead of staying in and moping about it, we're bundling up in our parkas and heading out to slurp some of the country's best ramens. From the first U.S. outpost of Japan's uber-popular Ichiran in Brooklyn to the inventive flavors at Charleston's 2Nixons to the spicy red miso at Portland's Boxer Ramen, there's a bowl for every palate. So start diving in. We'll see you at the bottom of the bowl. 

Ichiran (New York)

The first American outpost of this Japanese cult favorite is in Brooklyn and has been a hit since it opened its doors in October. While slurping with friends is fun, this ramen is best enjoyed solo in one of the restaurant's dining carrels.

 ② Ippudo (New York)

Ippudo, perhaps the city's most classic of ramen spots, never disappoints. Try to go during an off hour to avoid the lines. 

Totto Ramen (New York) 

While Totto has expanded in recent years, nothing beats a bowl at the original hideaway on 52nd Street in Manhattan's Midtown. Walk down the small flight of stairs and feel like you're in Tokyo.

Tsujita LA Artisan Noodle (Los Angeles)

This spot has hot bowls of rich tonkotsu, as well as tsukemen, where the noodles and broth arrive separately, letting you decide just how much noodle dunking you want to do.  

Men Oh Ramen (San Francisco) 

The tonkotsu ramen broth is so rich you will have to dig to find the bottom of the bowl.

Daikokuya (Los Angeles)

Though there are several locations of this L.A. favorite, stick with the original in Little Tokyo for a classic bowl. Just be ready for lines as well.

Shin-Sen-Gumi (Multiple Locations)

The six SoCal locations of Shin-Sen-Gumi have a laser focus on Hakata-style ramen, which comes with tonkotsu broth, thin noodles, cha-shu, scallions, sesame seeds and red ginger.

Furious Spoon (Chicago)

Different ramen styles converge in a bowl of tonkotsu broth with spicy miso, pepper chicken, char siu, a poached egg and a house sauce.

High Five Ramen (Chicago)

Loaded with heat, these bowls of ramen will kick your stuffy nose to the curb. 

2Nixons (Charleston)

This after-hours pop-up has won over the likes of Sean Brock. The ramens change but currently on the menu: a shio koji roasted chicken ramen and a local celery root red miso ramen. Previous stunners include this shitake tonkotsu number.

Toki Underground (Washington, D.C.)

The team get creative with ramen, serving bowls of kimchi ramen and Taipei curry chicken, but their signature has braised pork, greens, a soft egg and pickled ginger.

Boxer Ramen (Portland, Oregon)

Though there are four ramen offerings at popular Boxer Ramen, the red miso with a spicy pork broth, pork belly, soft poached egg and scallions shouldn't be missed.