You Can Now Stay At A Harry Potter-Themed Bed And Breakfast

A B&B in South Wales is getting into the Hogwarts spirit

This June marks the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter, and Llety Cynin, a B&B in South Wales, is getting a head start on celebrating with a Wizard's Tea, which launched this weekend. "We have spent the past few months researching, trialling, testing and tasting all sorts of delicious creations in the kitchen and are very excited to finally reveal the menu!" the team explains.

The menu includes chocolate frogs for kids and shortbread cookies that sort young guests into houses (apparently, the sorting hat is on holiday). For grown-ups, there's hot butterbeer, in this case made with hot milk, caramel, cinnamon, butterscotch and salted caramel pieces, as well gamekeepers rock cakes and screaming baby cakes (no Mandrakes were harmed in the making). The tea arrives in a birdcage, presumably on loan from Hedwig.

The team has also decorated the common spaces of the B&B to look like the Great Hall and the house's common rooms, Cosmopolitan UK reports.

For those who can't make it to South Wales, take a look around.