Pickle Guys To Open Fried Pickle Restaurant

Because everything's better deep-fried

Trekking across the city each week to pick up a single jar of pickles might seem a bit obsessive to some. But for The Pickle Guys, a beloved New York shop dedicated to all things fermented, half-sour superfans are par for the course. And, as luck would have it, the Lower East Side pickle pros will soon be rewarding dill devotees with even more incentive to visit: a brand-new fried-pickle-focused restaurant.

The yet-to-be-named resto is slated to open in March or April and will be attached to The Pickle Guys' newly relocated shop on 357 Grand Street. According to Eater, the 100 percent kosher lineup will feature an array of fried pickled vegetables like okra, tomatoes, mushrooms and, of course, cukes, all brined in-house throughout the year.

While fried pickles will be the star of the show, PG manager William Soo tells Eater the tentative menu will also likely include staples like burgers and sliders. But while these other options might make the list, Soo reassures fermentation fiends that the pickle "will be our main thing, what we'll be best at."