7 Foods To Help You Detox

These superfoods will help undo that second round of wings

We've never been ones to turn down an indulgent, guilty pleasure-filled weekend, but come Monday morning, that second helping of mashed potatoes often leaves us feeling less than stellar. Whether you're recovering from a Thanksgiving feast or a deep-fried Super Bowl smorgasbord, eat these seven superfoods to kick-start your digestion, speed up your metabolism and get your body back in gear.

① Tea or hot water

When you're feeling drained, plenty of water is always a must. Adding a squeeze of lemon will aid in hydration and help to flush out all those gin and tonics. Green tea, in particular, will give your liver a helping hand by speeding up the detox process, as will adding a slice of the ever-popular digestif, ginger.

② Oatmeal

After binging on rich, fatty foods, it's a good idea to start your day with a high-fiber meal that will help toxins along as they make their way through your digestive system. Add your favorite fruit for an extra boost.

③ Beets

Now it's time to rejuvenate your liver with an antioxidant-rich vegetable. These rosy roots work to remove impurities in your blood and are high in compounds that help the liver repair itself. Read up on mindbodygreen's ideas for incorporating more beets into your meals.

④ Colorful vegetables

Who said salads have to be all green and no fun? Vibrant veggies high in beta-carotene, like carrots, help neutralize the free radicals floating around your body. Bring on the flavor with this shaved root vegetable salad.

⑤ Fish

You're probably emerging from a serious meat coma, so reach for a lighter protein, like fresh fish. Opt for something flavorful and satisfying, like this flaky sea bass en papillote.

 ⑥ Artichokes

When they're not swimming in a sea of cheese and mayo, this edible flower bud's many antioxidants purify and rid the blood of toxins. Artichokes also act as a diuretic, purging the body of the inflammatory substances that cause bloating.

 ⑦ Grapefruit

A few wedges of this winter citrus will fill your body with antioxidants and clear out harmful toxins. As an added bonus, the nutrients inside will even give you healthier-looking skin.


This article was originally published on 11/28/16 and was updated with additional information and photography by Andrew Bui on 2/6/17.