The Right Way To Hold Your Knife

This is the right way to hold your knife

If you've ever been mesmerized by the speed and dexterity with which chefs chop food, you're not alone. Knife skills are as impressive as they are important. As with anything, a solid foundation will take you far, and in this case, it's all about your grip.

You're not supposed to hold the knife's handle; you're supposed to grip the base of the blade itself.

Of course, you have to keep your hand away from the knife's sharp edge; you grip the top part of the blade (if that wasn't clear). Grip the base with your thumb on one side and your index finger on the other.

YouTube/Le Cordon Bleu

Although it's not as stable, if you find it more comfortable, place your index finger on top of the blade and your middle finger on the other side. The important part is wrapping some fingers around the blade, not the handle.

YouTube/Le Cordon Bleu

Once you've gotten the grip down, practice makes perfect, so get to chopping (and stay tuned for more tips in that department).