Video: How To Top Sweet And Savory Waffle Variations

Sweet and savory variations to upgrade your waffle game

A lot of time has been devoted to the question, Will it waffle? Did you know that you can waffle hash browns, brownie batter and even day-old Thanksgiving stuffing? Neither did we, until we tried it and got hooked.

Instead of focusing on the waffle itself for these sweet and savory variations, we focus on the toppings. Doctor up a favorite boxed waffle mix (no shame) with lemon and ricotta for a sweet fix, and bacon and cheese for savory. Then waffle them to golden perfection.

To help us attain our brunch goals, we top the sweet variation with lemon-dressed blueberries, whipped cream and candied walnuts. And for top contender of breakfast-for-dinner, an Instagram-worthy fried egg, heavy-handed splatter of Sriracha and an extra sprinkle of scallion tops the savory variation for the win.

Make your favorite waffle batter, be it boxed or from scratch, adding:

For the sweet:

The zest of 1 lemon, the juice of half a lemon and ¼ cup of ricotta. Mix well, add to your waffle iron and cook to the manufacturer's directions until golden brown.

For the savory:

¼ cup of shredded cheddar cheese, 2 tablespoons of crumbled cooked bacon and 1 tablespoon of sliced scallions. Mix well, add to waffle iron and cook to the manufacturer's directions until golden brown.

To serve:

Top the sweet variation with 1 cup of fresh blueberries that have been tossed with the juice of 1 lemon until syrupy. Dollop with freshly whipped cream and a handful of chopped candied walnuts.

For the savory variation, top with a sunny-side up egg, drizzle of Sriracha to taste and a sprinkle of sliced scallions.

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