The Difference Between Brown & White Eggs

We're cracking the code on the color of eggs

Ever wondered what the difference is between brown and white eggs? Newsflash: It's painfully obvious. 

White chickens lay white eggs, and brown chickens lay brown eggs.

Pretty simple, right? When asked by The New York Times, Tro V. Bui, a fellow in animal science at Cornell University, explained, "Genes determine shell color. White-feathered chickens with white earlobes lay white eggs; red or brown ones with red earlobes lay brown eggs; and the Ameraucana breed, also known as the Easter egg chicken, lays eggs with blue shells." There is also little to no difference in taste between the two, and both are equal in nutritional value.

When it comes to price, however, that's another story. It's been mentioned that brown eggs are more expensive, because "the reddish-feathered chickens that lay brown eggs are larger than the breed that lays white eggs, and as such, they require more feed." Color us impressed.