Use A Marshmallow To Make Sure Your Ice Cream Cone Never Drips Again

As enjoyable as eating ice cream out of a carton is, there's something irresistible and classic about ice cream cones. The only problem is the sticky, melty mess that inevitably drips out of the pinprick hole in the bottom of the cone — the hole may be small, but it can cause a big problem. Not only is it a waste of ice cream (after all, every drop counts), but the dripping can be so annoying that you rush through your ice cream instead of savoring it. Luckily, there's a simple hack to ensure your ice cream cone never drips again. Not only that, but it gets bonus points for making your treat even more delicious: plug the hole with a mini marshmallow.

This super easy trick is especially handy in warmer months when ice cream melts fast. Just place one tiny marshmallow at the bottom of the cone before you load it with ice cream, gently pressing it down with a teaspoon taking care not to crack the cone. It's great for children and grownups who want a taste of childhood without looking like a big kid. It's also particularly nice for the adult who has to clean up all those sticky hands when dessert time is over at the birthday party.

Twists on the ice cream cone marshmallow hack

Once you've tried using the standard mini marshmallow, why not switch it up a bit? The easiest way is to try different flavored mini marshmallows like strawberry, lemon, and lime. You can even pair your marshmallow flavor with the type of ice cream you're eating, such as orange sherbet with an orange-flavored mini marshmallow or coffee-flavored ice cream with a pumpkin spice one (yes, they exist!).

All marshmallowed out? No problem. A drizzle of Magic Shell (a chocolate sauce that hardens when exposed to cold food) will also work to stop the leaking. There's the go-to chocolate Magic Shell, but peanut butter and Nutella varieties will work just as well. Speaking of chocolate, a bit of brownie or cookie dough can also stop up the hole. Or to make it even more fun for the kiddos, a single chocolate-covered gummy bear. Don't be afraid to get creative. Now, if you're also bothered by when your ice cream drips down the side of the cone, there's another genius trick for serving mess-free ice cream cones that takes care of that issue, too.