Video: How Waffle Cones Are Made At The Konery

Brooklyn's The Konery shows us how artisanal ice cream cones come to life

Walking into The Konery, you are immediately greeted by the fragrant smell of baking waffle cones. Keep going and you'll find a fascinating machine that looks like it belongs in Willy Wonka's factory, pressing cones by the batch. As it spins around pressing and releasing freshly cooked cone batter, a deft pair of hands belonging to founder Kristine Tonkonow grabs a piping hot waffle and hand-rolls it with a cone shaper.

Based in Brooklyn, New York, the factory churns out creatively flavored, hand-rolled artisanal waffle cones. Its unique flavors, like red velvet, cinnamon sugar and birthday cake, are being used in ice cream shops all over the country. In addition to its crave-worthy waffle cones, bowls and chips, the factory turns its signature batters into destiny-filled fortune cookies when the weather (and peak demand for ice cream cones) cools downs.

Watch the video to get a firsthand look at the mesmerizing waffle cone process.