The Easiest Way To Froth Milk At Home

The easiest way to froth milk at home

Your morning latte or cappuccino may be a nonnegotiable start to your day, but your wallet might not agree. The cost of daily trips to the coffee shop add up. Thanks to a simple trick from The Kitchn, now you and your wallet can finally agree on something. You can froth milk at home and make all the fancy coffee drinks you want for no extra charge.

Making foamed milk at home takes only about 30 seconds, and you don't need any fancy appliances.

All you need to froth milk at home is a mason jar and a microwave.

Simply pour milk into the jar, close the lid and shake until the milk froths up. Next, remove the lid and nuke the jar for 30 seconds.

In record time and with minimal effort and zero extra dollars spent, you've got freshly frothed milk to spoon on top of your coffee beverage of choice.

The microwave helps stabilize the foam so that it doesn't collapse right away. Still, make sure to use the foam within the next few minutes, because it will deflate eventually. According to The Kitchn, nonfat and 2 percent work best, but you can use this method for any kind of milk.

Your mornings just got a lot fancier.