7 things you didn't know you could pickle

Cucumber? We'll pickle that. Too many eggs? You can pickle those, too.

You don't have to take it as far as they do in the Portlandia bit (meaning leave the Band-Aids and ice cream cones out of it), but the basic pickling method works on way more than the simple cucumber. Let your DIY flag fly and try these seven other ideas:  

① Turmeric
Now that you're adding this superfood herb to everything from vegetables to ice cream, go one step further. The purported healing benefits of this finger-sized herb are still retained when you pickle it, and it makes a bright, crunchy side for curry dishes.

② Kale and Collard Green Stems
Once you're done destemming your kale in prep for a salad, save the stems for pickling instead of throwing them out. Same for other leafy greens, like Swiss chard and collard greens—pickling tenderizes the otherwise-stringy stems and takes the bitterness out.

③ Cherries
Sweet fruit combined with acidic brine makes for a condiment versatile enough to work as a sandwich topper or cocktail garnish. Plus, the leftover pickle juice brine already takes you one step closer to a cocktail.

④ Garlic
Vinegar takes the heady bite out of raw garlic and leaves you with an ingredient often found in Asian dishes and dipping sauces. Throw a few cloves into a food processor with a stick of butter to make an intensely flavored spread that will make any grilled cheese that much better.

⑤ Walnuts
The British have been doing it for centuries, but pickled walnuts are less common on this side of the ocean. They turn black once pickled, making them a neat party trick (and talking point) for your next cheese plate.  

⑥ Zucchini
Everyone's always looking for ways to use up the unavoidable summer surplus of what looks like a cucumber's fraternal twin. Spears, ribbons, coins: Any shape will do.

⑦ Orange Peel
Instead of candying your orange peels, turn them into this sweet-tart pachadi, or South Indian pickle. It's the ideal foil to a steaming pot of white rice or as a side for homemade dosa.