Ina Garten's Chocolate Cake Is Giada's Birthday Go-To

The Barefoot Contessa's dessert is that good

When Giada de Laurentiis says she loves a particular cake, we pay attention. When she says loves that cake so much she eats it every year on her birthday, we do a double take. And when that cake happens to come from none other than Ina Garten herself, we stop everything we're doing and bake the recipe ourselves.

InStyle reported yesterday that Food Network's Italian sweetheart eats the same birthday cake every year, and, no, it doesn't come from her own extensive repertoire, but from another beloved TV chef: the Barefoot Contessa.

The cake? Ina Garten's chocolate cassis cake. As de Laurentiis tells InStyle, "Ina uses uses a cherry liqueur in the frosting that is just freaking phenomenal and actually seeps into the cake itself."

Now, the real question is, why haven't we been eating this for our birthdays all this time, too? We're officially putting this cake, made by Garten herself in her new kitchen, on our birthday wish list.