The Best Celebrity Cookbooks 2016

You've taken the quiz, now read up to get cooking in style

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You took our quiz to find out which celebrity cookbook you should add to your shelf, now get your results below to find out how to cook, read, dine and shop like the stars.


You know how to eat well and how to look good doing it. Because, yes, even supermodels can (and should) cook, especially when it means comfort food like Frito pie and authentic Thai basil chicken.

Cook: We are big fans of Teigen's Thai-flavored chicken lettuce cups, so make your own version using chicken salad. If you want to heat things up, add sweet Thai chile sauce.

Read: The Internet went wild when Teigen's cookbook came out—ourselves included. Find out what happened when we cooked through our favorite recipes.

Dine: This supermodel doesn't just cook well: Teigen and her husband, John Legend, also frequent local hot spots, like Nolita seafood joint Seamore's, which they rave about.

Shop: Though it's her first book, Teigen's breezy voice in Cravings will make her your new sous-chef. And stay tuned, because word on the street is there's a second book in the works.


You're all about mad beets, rubbing elbows with famous chefs and the intellectual side of food—not to mention living to hear the stories chefs tell through their cooking.

Dine: Try Dominique Ansel Kitchen, where you can get a brown sugar kouign-amann, one of Questlove's favorites.

Cook: The book includes an interview with Daniel Humm, chef at Michelin-starred Eleven Madison Park. Make his beer-battered apple fritters for a dish that is surely Questlove-approved.

Read: Get an excerpt from the book here and learn about how SF chef Dominique Crenn comes up with her bordering-on-art dishes.

Shop: Somethingtofoodabout is less of a cookbook and more a detailed look into the minds of famous chefs and the intersection of art, music and fine cuisine. But that doesn't make it any less of a must-read when it comes to cooking.


You love family-oriented meals and love to be the one making them—because, yes, you're all that. Being a child star who didn't burn out by the age of 25 is in itself something to celebrate, and if you can turn that fame into something delicious like Prinze Jr., that's even better.

Dine: Go somewhere kid friendly, like Au Fudge in L.A., where the younger crowd can play with trains and beads while you eat a grass-fed burger with truffle fries.

Cook: The idea for the cookbook stemmed from his mother's mac 'n' cheese, so this one's obvious. Don't discriminate; any bits of cheese buried in your fridge will work.

Read: Dive deeper into the book to find out what's behind the picturesque cover of the still-handsome Prinze Jr.

Shop: It's hard to get past the foreword by his wife, Sarah Michelle Gellar—as in, you'll want to reread it on a loop—but once you do, the accessible recipes in Back to the Kitchen will have you hooked.


You prefer every meal you eat to have at least something green in it. As long as food makes you feel good, you're game, which means even a piece of bacon here and there is perfectly acceptable.

Dine: Grab a table at Gracias Madre in San Francisco, because no matter how many corn tortillas you eat, they'll always be gluten free.

Cook: Play off Paltrow's pea shoot- and radish-topped avocado toast with a version of your own, like one with morel mushrooms and pea salad.

Read: Haters, step down. Find out why we're fans of Paltrow's latest book, which focuses on all things quick and easy.

Shop: It's All Easy is less of the lifestyle guide you might expect from Paltrow and more a useful go-to for simple weeknight meals; it makes you want to get home and get in your kitchen.