How To Make Champagne Jell-O Shots

Even your party snacks are getting jiggy with it

Jell-O shots: Brilliant idea, impossible execution.

It just doesn't make sense to inhale semisolid goo from a tiny Dixie cup. Inevitably, half of the shot gets stuck in the cup, the other half gets all over your face and any of it that gets into your mouth makes you mildly choke as it slides down your throat.

That's why I'm casting my vote for the cutout method, otherwise known as sheet tray Jell-O shots. You roll and cut out things like cookies and pasta, so why not Jell-O? This controversial opinion sparked quite the feud in our office. Apparently, this style of shot already has a name—Jell-O Jigglers—but the majority of the TT editors, save for two, had never heard of them. This led to the passive-aggressive distribution of Google Trends statistics (in shot's favor) and a week of ostracization aimed at Team Jigglers.

But why can't I have it both ways? Can I not cut out my Jell-O shots and actually call them shots? If I'm trying to rev up a crowd, it's much more effective to shout, "We have Jell-O shots!" rather than "Time for Jigglers!" Our debate raged on.

One thing the editors could agree on: Adding alcohol to something you enjoyed as a child is thrilling, like eating sugary cereal for dinner or cake for breakfast. It's a feeling of ownership and autonomy.

Now, we're making this adult Jell-O shot situation even more high class by adding Champagne, and jazzing it up with pomegranate juice and simple syrup to sweeten the deal.

The basic equation of Jell-O shots is hot + cold + gelatin = fun. Start by adding two 1-ounce packages of gelatin (we used Knox original) to 1 cup of Champagne and let it sit for 1 minute. It'll instantly bubble up in the way your seventh-grade science experiment was supposed to yet never did.

While you're waiting, bring ½ cup of pomegranate juice to a simmer, then remove it from the heat and whisk it into the Champagne-gelatin bowl along with ¼ cup of simple syrup. Keep whisking until the gelatin dissolves, then pour it into a 9-inch square pan lined with wax paper and let it sit for a couple hours. Once it sets, remove it from the pan and use any cookie cutter to cut out fun shapes—or just a knife to slice it into pieces.

Having a punch bowl at a party is great, but stick these alcoholic gummies on the table and watch them fly. You can easily change up the flavors; try using crème de cassis for a jiggly take on the Kir Royale, gin and lemon juice for a French 75, or orange juice for chewable mimosas—the brunch party idea you never asked for, but we're giving you anyway.