Google's Most-Searched Recipes 2016

And they aren't what you'd expect

After all of the strange events that have happened this year, 2017 can't come soon enough. To say goodbye to the most unpredictable 365 days ever, Google has released its Year in Search 2016 list, including the top 10 most-searched recipes. And, of course, in typical 2016 fashion, a few of the results defied all odds and weren't what we were expecting.

Simple basics and Thanksgiving classics abound, like the traditional green bean casserole, which took the top spot. Many of us also needed a bit of help making turkey gravy. Old-school comfort foods you haven't heard of in ages made the list as well, including hash brown casserole and chicken Tetrazzini. Apparently, people also got a head start on celebrating the 2017 color of the year by searching Brussels sprouts and guacamole. And perhaps the weirdest search of all: A lot of us really wanted to know how to turn snow into ice cream.

We can't necessarily say we're going to miss you, 2016.

① Green Bean Casserole 

Brussels Sprouts

③ Hash Brown Casserole


⑤ Chicken Marsala

⑥ Chicken Tetrazzini

⑦ Snow Cream

Buttercream Frosting

Pork Chops

Turkey Gravy