How To Hack Your Pomegranate

We've found a super-simple and effective way to deseed this ruby fruit

Certain items in the produce aisle require a little too much effort to make purchasing them worthwhile. Don't laugh: We've all been there. That butternut squash sounds appealing, but the thought of dealing with its tough skin makes you reach for the precut stuff. Fresh spinach looks nice, but the boxed stuff is already triple washed. And that ruby pomegranate? Forget about it.

We've already shared a trick for peeling butternut squash, so now we're test-driving three ways to deseed a pomegranate to find out the fastest, most effective route. (Triple-washed spinach, we've got nothing on you.)

① Pick out the seeds by hand.

② Deseed the pomegranate in a bowl of water.

③ Smack the skin with a wooden spoon to dislodge the seeds.

One of these methods is far superior to the others. Watch the video to find out which trick works best. Once you try it, you'll never look back. And you'll never pay twice as much for a tiny container of seeds again.