A Vegan Butcher Shop Sprouts In Brooklyn

Get ready for wheat steaks and oat burgers

Brooklyn, the progenitor of hipster food culture, will soon be home to a vegan butcher shop. Monk's Meats, which has been serving vegan meats like barbecue, bulgogi sandwiches and meatball subs at Smorgasburg since 2013, is planning a "vegetarian butcher shop and delicatessen" that should open at the end of this spring, DNAinfo reports.

The team, which just raised $50,000 on Kickstarter, will sell vegan steaks made from wheat and burgers made from oats. There will also be vegan cheeses, pickles and, of course, tofu. The lineup will be "vegan options you would expect to find in a meat shop," cofounder Chris Kim explains.

Early this year, Ravi DeRossi, who changed over most of his restaurant and cocktail bar empire from omnivorous spots to those focusing on vegan fare, announced he was planning an outpost of his restaurant, Avant Garden, and a vegan butcher in Williamsburg. Though that's yet to come to life, it's possible Brooklyn could house two vegan butchers by summer of next year.

And while this sounds like peak Brooklyn, The Herbivorous Butcher has been slicing vegan steaks in Minneapolis since January.