Find Out Which Cheese Is The World's Best

Kraftkar blue cheese stole the show at the World Cheese Awards

While you've been stressing out these past few weeks over how to feed a Thanksgiving crowd, the best cheese in the world was being crowned over in San Sebastián at the 2016 World Cheese Awards. The winner this year is Kraftkar, a Norwegian blue produced by Tingvollost.

As you might expect, the journey to number one is no easy feat: Sixty-six teams of judges sort through 3,000 cheese varieties from all over the world, each then nominating a favorite to be submitted to a Super Jury who decide the overall winner. In the end, Kraftkar, with its well-developed mold and soft and creamy texture took the crown.

Unfortunately, Tingvollost, a small-scale artisan producer, doesn't ship to the U.S., but that won't stop us from praying for a Christmas miracle.