Domino's Launches Reindeer Delivery

Yes, this is for real

The Domino's team in Japan is bracing for a particularly brutal winter, complete with blizzards and ice storms. Not wanting to disappoint their delivery customers, the team is taking a page from Saint Nick. The company is testing out pizza delivery by reindeer, and, no, we are not joking.

The reindeer are being trained at a driving school in Ishikari, a town on the island of Hokkaido, which is known for its cold weather, so they will be set when a storm hits, Rocket News 24 reports. (We would have thought living in the North Pole would have been training enough, but, apparently, Domino's doesn't want to leave anything to chance.) The animals, which are handled by professionals, have pizza delivery packs strapped to their backs and are led by a delivery person holding a leash.

So, reindeer carrying hot pizza? We're pretty sure Santa's real.