Get Lightbulb Smoothies & Juices

Seems like a bright idea

2016 was a lot of things, but it was also the year of inventive food and drink vessels: ice cream in fish-shaped waffles, coffee in ice cream cones and now smoothies in lightbulbs, because cups are for mere mortals. 

We're unsure as to why this is happening—blame it on the bread bowl if you want—but that doesn't make them any less fun. Darling Cafe in Australia is clearly capitalizing on the fact that their large windows and abundance of natural light frees up light bulbs for other uses.

Whoever started the trend clearly sparked an idea. You'll also find bubble tea, juices and Thai tea served in lightbulbs outside of Australia, at places like Spot Dessert Bar and Idea Coffee in New York, and Royaltea in Toronto.