Denver Votes To Legalize Weed In Bars

Denver voters back 'social use' weed initiative

Those in Denver who want to take a toke while out for dinner or a drink will soon be able to. A measure called Initiative 300, which would allow bar and restaurant owners to apply for licenses to let guests get high, passed this week, the Denver Post reports.

Recreational weed is already legal in Denver, but so far, it's only been legal to use at home or in dedicated cannabis clubs. This pilot program would change that, but with a few conditions. Smoking indoors at restaurants and bars is still illegal in the state, so smoking and vaping will be allowed only at bars and restaurants with outdoor spaces. Edibles, however, would be fair game at bars, surely adding their special buzz to a fun night.

But before any of those licenses can be issued, bar owners and restaurateurs will have to get a nod from at least one neighborhood association. And not everyone is for it. The Denver chapter of the Colorado Restaurant Association, as Eater points out, isn't on board, expressing concern about liability insurance and what could happen when alcohol and weed are mixed.

Weed was on the ballot in a number of states this election season with measures passing to loosen the laws around it in most of those cases. Around the country, chefs like Mindy Segal are also experimenting with artisanal edibles, so the future looks pretty buzzed.