Food You Should Never Feed Your Pet

Be strong and resist those puppy dog eyes

You love your pet and treat them like family, so naturally you want to share what you're eating with them, too. It can be hard to resist those big puppy dog eyes staring up at you saying, "One little taste." However, think twice before giving in to table scraps, because there are many foods that are dangerous and toxic for cats and dogs. Especially fatty foods, which can cause pancreatitis.

This list was created by Dr. Elizabette Cohen, a NYS-licensed and USDA-accredited veterinarian (who also happens to be our food editor's mom). So the next time you go to give your feline friend a little treat, refer to our rundown of the 8 foods you should never feed your pets

① Fatty turkey scraps

② Raw meat

③ Bones

④ Chocolate

⑤ Apple cores

⑥ Avocado

⑦ Onions and Garlic

⑧ Grapes

If your pet accidentally ingests one of these foods, you should consult your veterinarian immediately. Should your pet eat or swallow a bone, Dr. Cohen suggests feeding them bread to cushion the sharp edges of the broken bone as it dissolves in the stomach. Though a call to your vet is warranted.