McDonald's Now Makes A Nutella Burger

Vegetarians, rejoice

The humble hamburger has been through a lot recently. First, they took our bun and gave us ramen. Then came the sushi "burger," a creation that begs for scare quotes. And now, because nothing is sacred, there's a Nutella burger.

McDonald's around the world have their own specialized items: Think croque-monsieur in France and a paneer wrap in India.

And if you head to Italy, you can get the Sweety con Nutella, a soft, sweet bread filled with a layer of chocolate-hazelnut spread.

Australia seems to have a leg up on the game though. If you're in Melbourne, you can score a Nutella doughnut burger at Nuts-About-Tella or a mile-high version that features an actually crunchy Nutella patty at Chuck Wagon 175 in Adelaide.

Thanks, McDonald's, for giving our arteries what they didn't know they wanted—we'll see you in Italy.