The Food World Responds To The Election

Chefs, food writers and business owners share messages of hope

As the country responds to the election results, the food world is asking its own questions, expressing its own grievances and figuring out what it all means. Here are six leaders in the industry—from Danny Meyer and José Andrés to Starbucks—who have surprisingly optimistic responses, reminding us that our industry, above all others, has the unique potential to unify people everywhere.

Danny Meyer sends a heartfelt message to his staff.

"What a privilege we have to be a company that provides tables at which people can break bread, communicate their feelings, be heard, and advance what is best about being human!"

Art Smith encourages community with a simple and sincere Tweet.

Epicurious editor David Tamarkin writes about cooking as the greatest means of comfort.

"I believe in the service of helping people feed themselves, mostly because I believe that the act can be more than that. Cooking can be a stabilizing force, I think. It can carry people through highs and lows."

Starbucks CEO urges "kindness and compassion" in a letter to all employees.

"We can choose to listen, to understand and to act with respect. We can choose to live by the values that reside in each of us, and honor our commitment to nurture the human spirit with love."

Hugh Acheson writes a note to his daughters to fight the good fight.

José Andrés focuses on moving forward as a country.

"It's true that there are always people left behind. I think we need to be moving everybody forward as best we can."