Pizza To The Polls Makes Voting Tasty

Stuck waiting to vote? Let this team help.

Across the country, people are lining up to cast their votes today. And for some, those lines are long.

In Los Angeles, early voters faced waits over three hours this weekend, and in Cincinnati, a line stretched for more than half a mile, Vox reports.

An anonymous crew of people, who recently launched Pizza to the Polls, want line waiters to know they have your backs—with pizza. The team writes on their website:

Using Slice, which helps locate nearby pizzerias, the crew sent 16 pizzas to that long line in Cincinnati, according to Eater, as well as pies to line waiters in Miami and Chicago. In just a few days, the team has raised $10,000 for pies:

If that budget doesn't get used up, the team has promised "every dollar collected will go towards feeding hungry Americans. We . . . haven't had the time to pick out a specific charity, but if you have suggestions, please let us know!"