Sugarfish Opens In NYC Today

Sushi fans, ready your chopsticks. Sugarfish, L.A.'s cult favorite omakase restaurant group, opens a location in NYC today. The sushi joint, led by chef Kazunori Nozawa, has garnered a loyal following, thanks to its high quality at reasonable prices, best experienced by its now-famous, and famously affordable, omakase menus called Trust Me.

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In L.A., the beloved Trust Me menu comes in three options, starting at $22 for seven courses and hitting $42 for 10 courses. Though the prices will be slightly higher in NYC, they're still well below average among the high-end omakase menus that have proliferated recently across the city. It's a major improvement from the $200-a-person Sushi Zo, the last sushi sensation to travel from L.A. to NYC. A seven-course omakase at Sugarfish NYC costs $27, the nine-course Trust me is $39 and the 10-course option with the daily special costs $51.

"Our fans have been asking for us to come," the team from Sugarfish tells us of the move to NYC.

Beyond the Trust Me menus, fans also adore Sugarfish for its idiosyncrasies. Chef Nozawa is so particular about the way he prepares each piece that he forbids customers to use extra soy sauce. He also serves the rice warm, instead of cold, which is a subtle difference customers might not notice right away but actually makes all the difference.

With all the New York transplants L.A. has gotten in the last few years, it's gratifying to see this West Coast-based restaurant lay down roots in the Big Apple. But, mostly, we're just really excited for the food.

As for team Sugarfish? "Opening in a new market is a challenge, but one that we're excited to take on. One challenge we won't have, however, is space for parking."