Find The Best Time To Book Holiday Travel

Save yourself some dough

Like it or not, we've officially hit the holiday preseason—that window of the year when planning for celebrations takes over, whether that means preordering your heritage bird, stocking up your bar or picking out your menu. It's also time to buy flights to actually get to your holiday table. Skyscanner has done the hard math for everyone and found out the cheapest times to book flights for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's.

The deadline to potentially save just shy of 8 percent on Thanksgiving flights ends at the end of tomorrow, so you still have a day and a half left. If you're looking toward Christmas, the optimal time to book is actually during the week of Thanksgiving, when you can save up to 6.5 percent. If you miss that week, you'll want to try around December 5. As for New Year's Eve, the peak time to book is also around December 5, when prices can drop as much as 10.5 percent.

Now just make sure to spend those savings wisely—like on a great meal.