Stock Your Holiday Bar Cart Like A Pro

Add a little bit of shine and look like a pro

Thanksgiving is around the corner which means it's officially Time to Celebrate. All month long we're bringing you recipes, tips, tricks and stories that are equal parts memorable and delicious.

Thanksgiving is just three weeks away, and when your entire family shows up at your door, you might need a cocktail and a glass of wine (or three) to get through the holiday. Since it's considered rude to drink without, you know, offering your guests something, make sure your bar is well stocked with not only bottles and glasses, but with stylish barware—so you can at least pretend to have your life together. These picks bring something shiny to the bar, no matter what you're planning to serve.

Decanter, RBT $100

This decanter (which was just named one of Oprah's Favorite Things) has a built-in filter that helps remove any sediment (or cork) from the wine, while the funnel helps oxygenate the vino, allowing it to open up.

② Seaworthy Cocktail Picks, Bull in China, $60

Designed by a Portland-based jewelry designer, these cocktail picks add a touch of glamour to your drinks—try a dirty martini or a rum punch garnished with pineapple and maraschino cherries.

③ Cocktail Mixing Glass, Twelve24, $45

You may have spotted one of these at your favorite cocktail bar,  and if  you're planning to serve a proper drink at your holiday shindig, you'll want one for yourself. This version is hand-blown but sturdy enough to last.

④ Copper Plated Spoon, Bull in China, $24

Now that you have your mixing glass, you'll need a proper cocktail spoon to stir your concoctions. Bonus: The flat back of this spoon is perfect for muddling herbs.  

⑤ Vintage Copper Bottle Opener, Kikkerland, $10

It's time to retire that key chain bottle opener you still have hanging around. If you're planning to serve beer or perhaps a nice cider, pop it open with this instead.

⑥ Gold Orb Ice Tongs, Crate and Barrel, $10

Rule number one of any party: You can never have too much ice. Just don't ask your guests to grab it from the freezer. Put it in a nice bucket and allow guests to help themselves properly.