April Bloomfield's White Gold Opens

There's meat aplenty both to go and to stay

Starting today, burger queen April Bloomfield can add butcher shop owner to her titles. White Gold, her long-anticipated whole-animal butchery and casual restaurant on the Upper West Side is now selling steaks and house-made sausages.

Those cuts and links are courtesy of butchers Erika Nakamura and Jocelyn Guest, who teamed up with Bloomfield and Ken Friedman for the project. During the day, they'll be behind the counter, showing guests how the meat is broken down and advising on how to cook it at home.

Starting next week, the team will add breakfast, lunch, dinner, and to-go fare like rotisserie chicken, snacks via the after-school hot dog happy hour and a take on the iconic Harlem chopped cheese sandwich. Bloomfield is intentionally keeping things casual. House-made charcuterie can be ordered alongside a beer and eaten while hanging out at the counter. In the evenings, diners can also settle at one of the tables for a bigger meal featuring cuts of meat that may be tricky for home cooks to prepare, like the lean velvet steak, Eater reports, and smoked lamb ribs with rice to capture the drippings.

Once everything is up and running, the butcher shop will also be grinding the meat for Bloomfield's iconic burgers further downtown—so die-hard burger fans, take note of those blends happening behind the counter.