The Best Food Halloween Costumes

If you've always wanted to dress your dog like a piece of sushi, you're in luck.

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It's happened again. You've been planning the perfect Halloween getup since late July, complete with makeup, props and a killer wig. Suddenly, you glance at the calendar and realize October is almost over, dashing your dreams of costume domination. Never fear: Amazon is here.

We understand last-minute costume emergencies, so we've scoured Amazon for the best food-related outfits for humans and pets alike. And, yes, they'll arrive at your doorstep in time for Halloween.

Now all you need is a special someone to be the peanut butter to your jelly. 

① Peanut Butter and Jelly

If your significant other is skeptical about wearing a couples costume this year, this outfit is a good place to start. 

Photo: Fun World

② A Banana

Just look how excited this child is to be a peeled banana.

Photo: Amazon Fashion

③  A Pickle

Quite possibly the greatest find from our Amazon treasure hunt. You need to own this.

Photo: Amazon Fashion

④ A Hot Dog

Is there anything cuter on this earth than a hot dog dog dressed as a hot dog?

Photo: Casual Canine

⑤  A Tootsie Roll

In response to our last question, yes, there is.

Photo: Rasta Imposta

⑥ Pringles

This costume is a well-deserved ode to the only chip brand that doesn't sell a bag half full of air.

Photo: Rasta Imposta

⑦ Pizza

Sauce, cheese, pup-peroni.

Photo: Rubie's Costume Company

⑧ A Strip of Bacon

The party pickup lines are endless. "You make me sizzle, baby" is only the beginning.

Photo: Rasta Imposta

⑨ Sushi

Your dog wants to dress as sushi as badly as you want him to dress as sushi.

Photo: Rubie's Costume Company

⑩ A Deviled Egg

Yes, a mediocre pun at best, but at least you're not going as a cereal killer.

Photo: Forum Novelties