Chelsea Market's New Pickle Shop Opens

There are full sours, kraut, kimchi and DIY pickle kits

Growing up, Jacob Dickson's family made regular pilgrimages to the Lower East Side to pick up pickles from the famed Guss' Pickles on Orchard Street. "We'd come with orders for neighbors and friends who couldn't make the trip and end up spending hundreds of dollars on pickles each trip," he says. The order always included lots of full sours, his favorites.

Inspired by those trips, Dickson, who also owns the popular butcher shop, Dickson's Farmstand Meats, opened his own pickle shop, Dickson's Fine Brines, in Chelsea Market this week. Fittingly, there are full sours on the menu of options made by Nick and Ron Horman, who Dickson says are "third-generation pickle men. Their family has been making cucumber pickles continuously for 108 years."

But the menu isn't wedded to the classics; there are also black tea pickles, kimchi, apple and fennel kraut, pickled eggs, numerous pickled vegetables and fruits including pickled pineapple with jalapeƱo, and a house-fermented hot sauce.

Those looking to get into the pickle action at home can pick up DIY pickle kits, too.