How To Make A 5-Cheese Pasta Bake

A gooey and satisfying dish that's basically 90 percent cheese

"More cheese" is the new "more cowbell."

This endlessly cheesy and satisfying pasta bake comes from the mastermind couple behind Brooklyn's Pizza Loves Emily. Renowned for their traditional and square pizzas, Matt and Emily Hyland aren't strangers to lots of cheese and sauce. They've taken that expertise and pulled out all the stops to recreate this ooey, gooey pasta dish from their youth (see the recipe).

With oodles of ricotta, pasta and the zing of canned tomatoes, it conjures up the classic baked ziti casserole you know and love. But it morphs quickly into mac-and-cheese territory with the addition of four more cheeses ranging from nutty fontina to funky blue. (Yes, blue cheese. Trust us.) Plus, it all comes together with a minimal amount of effort, since unlike classic macaroni and cheese, there's no béchamel sauce to attend to. After a mere 15 minutes in the oven, it comes out bubbling, browned and ready for all of the cheese pulls.

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