The Most Beautiful Piecrusts On The Internet

Sometimes it's not just the inside that counts

Almost nothing says fall quite like the smell of a fresh pie baking in the oven. Whether filled with sweet apples, creamy pumpkin or the last of that savory summer squash, a warm pie helps everyone get over their so-long-summer blues.

Weaving, venting and crimping your piecrust not only produces a gorgeous exterior but is as essential for the perfect pie as blind-baking. Prebaking the crust is especially crucial for rich pumpkin pies, which have custardy fillings. Leaving space between those lattice weaves in apple and fruit pies allows for steam to escape, preventing your crust from getting soggy and the insides from spilling out.

To inspire your next baking spree, we've rounded up the most intricate and beautiful piecrusts on Instagram. Grab a can of whipped cream and a spoon, and dive right in.