How To Shop For Thanksgiving On Amazon

Because your pantry's looking a little bare

Perhaps it's the crispness in the air or the arrival of squash at the farmers' market or cider doughnuts popping up everywhere, but we already have Thanksgiving on the brain. The holiday (also known as perhaps the best day of eating on the entire calendar) is coming up soon, and we swore this is the year we're getting ready early, making sure to preorder what we need and tuck it away into the pantry. Here's our guide to get a (turkey) leg up on the holiday.

1. Stock the Pantry

While it's way too early to buy greens at the farmers' market, you can jump on the other foods. The vast majority of turkeys bought in the U.S. for the holiday are frozen, so there's no issue with ordering one now if you live in an AmazonFresh delivery zone, or stockpiling organic pumpkin purée or canned cranberry sauce (we don't judge).

2. Gear Up Your Kitchen

Thanksgiving requires some special tools that even avid home cooks may not have on hand, including a solid Wusthof carving set, a turkey roasting pan that's big enough for a bird that'll feed all those relatives, a super-reliable meat thermometer and a cutting board with a well for those delicious juices that belong in the gravy and not on your pants.

Photo: Courtesy of Amazon

For dessert, you'll need a pie dish that's pretty enough to grace the holiday table and a sturdy pie server to help cut those perfect slices.

3. Arm the Bar

Let's be honest, the only way we're all getting through this hectic, family-filled day is with a bit (or perhaps more) of booze. If you don't already own a set of wineglasses, try tumblers, which are less likely to break than stemware. If you're going the cocktail route, don't forget the ice bucket. We're partial to this pineapple-shaped number.

Photo: Courtesy of Amazon

4. Um, Just 'Cause

If you really can't wait for the holiday, why not play with this Lego Thanksgiving feast spread? Leave it out on the counter as a reminder that the holiday is just around the corner.