Former Employee Fights To Save Carnegie Deli

Calling all pastrami fans: Help save Carnegie Deli from closing

After the story broke last week that New York's famous Carnegie Deli would close its doors at the end of the year, pastrami fans throughout the city (and around the country) mourned the imminent day when sky-high sandwiches would be no more.

But one man, who claims to be a former employee, is proposing a campaign to keep the deli open. Samuel Mussovic, the alleged former dishwasher, is hoping to raise $5 million from pastrami enthusiasts and investors. The Daily News reports that he has organized a fundraising event happening today, October 3, on the deli's front steps.

Mussovic's team released a statement saying, "They will hand-deliver a letter to the deli with an agreement to give $5 million and a percentage of future proceeds to the current owner."

Will they be able to raise the money needed to keep this institution alive? It'll be a true testament of New Yorkers' devotion to pastrami and corned beef if they do.