The Most Popular Food Delivery Orders Across The U.S.

From burgers to pizza to sushi, here's what we order

Americans, lovers of all things convenient, placed about 1 billion online food orders last year. But what did they order precisely? Pizza? Sushi? Chicken noodle soup for when they were under the weather? Eater dove into data provided by DoorDash and GrubHub, which is responsible for 270,000 delivery orders across the U.S..

About 30 percent of those orders were for chicken and 15 percent for Chinese food. Pizza, burgers and sushi make up the next big chunk of orders. But perhaps most interesting is seeing what people order by state (it might remind you of that massive Thanksgiving recipe map released a couple of years ago). California, for instance, is apparently wild for seafood, and Utah's most ordered item is cinnamon sticks (yeah, we're a bit confused, too). In Wisconsin, it's cheese, and bravo to New Mexico, the only state where salad is the most ordered item. We're sure your doctors are proud.

So what does your state order in the most? Find out.