The Most Expensive Chocolate Bar In The World Is On Sale

Can you taste the difference between $3 and $260 chocolate bars?

If you were asked to name some of the most expensive luxuries in the world, most likely cars, houses, clothes and exotic trips would come to mind. What if we told you a chocolate bar could also make that list?

A farm in Ecuador is currently producing the world's most expensive chocolate bar, and it could be yours for only $260. The cacao beans used to make the To'ak chocolate are harvested from a mountain slope near Finca Sarita, then fermented for five to seven days before being roasted and turned into the final product.

Even the packaging is extravagant (as it should be). The chocolate comes in a Spanish elm wood box with a pair of tongs so the oils from your fingers don't tarnish the pristine bar. If the $260 bar isn't lavish enough for you, you can go even more exclusive with the Vintage 2014 editions, priced at $315 and $345.

Each bar carries such a hefty price tag because of the high grade and rarity of the cacao beans, according to To'ak. If you can't afford the chocolate, you can always settle for spending a night at the farm, which comes out to about $15 a night with breakfast and dinner included. But we're guessing turndown service doesn't include one of those chocolate bars on your pillow.

The question remains: Would you spend $260 on a chocolate bar?