The Most Family-Friendly Restaurants In NYC

Food Baby NY shares the 12 best spots for meals with kids

No one in New York City knows more about dining out with kids than Mike Chau. He's the dad behind the hit @foodbabyny Instagram account who has crisscrossed the boroughs to eat thousands of meals with his two kids and catch them in funny poses like peeking through doughnut holes or sleeping with sub sandwich goggles.

We turn to Chau for his thoughts on the 12 most family-friendly dining spots in the city for our restaurant recommendation app, DINE. Here's a taste in Chau's own words.

 Joy Luck Palace

This is one of those humongous banquet halls that you know and love in Chinatown. Kids can run around and make noise here, and nobody would even notice. They also happen to have excellent dim sum, including kid-friendly piggy buns.

② Lilia

Here, you'll find some of the friendliest staff around, who are very accommodating to children, especially with the nice outdoor seating area out front. There's plenty of pasta and kid-friendly options available for the older kids who are ready to eat.

  Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken

Fried chicken, mac 'n' cheese, french fries—all stuff you'd find on a kids' menu, but they're executed really well here, and it's worthy of a stop for a very satisfying meal for the whole family.

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