The Hack To Fast Brussels Sprout Leaves

Now you can literally shake off Brussels sprout leaves

One of the most divisive vegetables is the small but mighty Brussels sprout. For most kids, they're written off as the sulfur-smelling, over-steamed, baby-cabbage-looking things their moms force them to finish. As for grown-ups, they can't get enough of them (which may or may not have anything to do with the compulsory addition of bacon).

Yet even if you acquire a taste for them, one hurdle remains: Brussels sprouts are one of the most high-maintenance vegetables to prep. In addition to cutting off each stem, you're also supposed to remove the outer leaves from each individual sprout before cooking. We're here to save you countless hours with one simple trick:

The quickest way to peel a batch of Brussels sprouts is to shake them between two bowls.

Start by trimming the stems of your Brussels sprouts as usual, then place the bulbs in a large bowl and cover with another bowl, upside down. Vigorously shake the two bowls to separate the leaves from the vegetable. Remove the top bowl, rescue the now-clean Brussels sprouts and discard the outer leaves. Now your Brussels sprouts are ready for action in a fraction of the time—which, of course, frees you up to whip up some bacon.