DINE iMessage App For iOS 10

Want an easier way to make dinner plans via text? There's an app for that.

It's official: iOS 10 is finally here. If you're anything like us, you spent last week glued to your monitor watching the Apple keynote address (hopefully while eating a slice of pie). Besides the sleek, new iPhone 7 (and the omission of the headphone jack), the most exciting news is the updated iMessage. We've spent countless hours working on a new version of our DINE app, so it can take advantage of the cool features. (Apple seems to think the new DINE is pretty cool, too, as it currently features us in the iMessage App Store.)

The DINE iMessage app has all of the features you've come to love from DINE, but now those features are integrated into your text conversations to make it easier to find a time and place to grab dinner with your friends. You can search through our restaurant database, find a time that works for everyone, save the plans to your calendar and more—all without leaving your iMessage conversation. (We know, it sounds almost too good to be true.) Curious how it all works? Check out the video below.

Ready to take it for a test-drive? Download the latest version of DINE from the App Store.