The Cheesecake Factory NYC Is Opening In October

Mall dining destination and favorite celebrity hangout The Cheesecake Factory is opening its first New York outpost next month at the Queens Center in Elmhurst. The space, like most Factory locations, is big—in this case, 8,100 square feet with seating for 200, Eater reports. Of course, it'll be serving all 50 classic flavors of cheesecake and that epic 250-item menu that ranges from salads and burgers to pizza and recently added avocado toast (because this is 2016).

There's always something of a spectacle when a new (old) chain makes its NYC debut. Cult favorite Chick-fil-A opened its first outpost outside of the NYU dining hall to a massive line of fans last October.

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Any bets on which celebrity will be spotted at the new cheesecake destination first? (Our money's on Drake.) Tell us on Twitter.