Roy Choi Drives Around In LocoL's New Truck

The chef himself is behind the wheel and already raking in stars from critics

Roy Choi is a chef on a mission these days. He opened the first brick-and-mortar location of his fast-food spot, LocoL, in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles at the start of the year and, more recently, brought the socially conscious restaurant to Oakland (and that outpost just snagged two stars from local critic Michael Bauer). Now, he's taking the food to the streets of L.A. by way of a food truck, which Choi himself is driving (at least some of the time), LAist reports.

Food trucks aren't exactly new territory for the chef. His Korean-Mexican mash-up, Kogi, began out of a truck before turning into an empire.

Still, for one rather excited fan, it was a thrill to see Choi behind the wheel:

Looking to catch the truck on the streets of L.A.? The team's weekly schedule of neighborhood visits is right here.