Chipotle Burrito Delivery By Drone Will Soon Exist

As part of an experimental project, drones will deliver Chipotle to Virginia Tech students

It's Sunday afternoon, your head is throbbing and all you want is a hot, cheesy, overstuffed burrito from Chipotle. (Sound familiar?)

Thanks to the power of technology and a Google experiment by Project Wing, you could soon have that burrito delivered to your door by drone.

The drone delivery service, which will begin this month and last only a few weeks to start, is powered by a unit of Google's parent company, Alphabet Inc., Bloomberg reports. The experiment will allow students at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia, to have their Chipotle burrito orders delivered to campus by drone. According to Bloomberg, this is the most extensive test of routine drone deliveries ever conducted in the U.S. and is a service that companies like Amazon and Walmart hope to take full advantage of in the near future.

The FAA-approved project will feature fully autonomous drones with a human backup who will take over if anything goes wrong during flight, Engadget reports. The findings from the experiment will help fuel further drone delivery services and "help the FAA design a new system of low-altitude air traffic control," Engadget says. In the future, the drones could even be used to help farmers fertilize their crops.

Alphabet spies potential for the technology to completely change the way consumers shop while reducing carbon emissions (and, of course, reducing the time they spend waiting in line at Chipotle).

With burrito in hand, we welcome this bright future.