Four Seasons Hosted Tom Ford's Fashion Show

Designer Tom Ford set up a catwalk across the restaurant's famed pool

Major Food Group has a long way to go before it reopens the Four Seasons, but in the meantime, Rich Torrisi, Mario Carbone and Jeff Zalaznick (the hit makers behind Parm, Carbone, Sadelle's and more) aren't just letting the landmarked Midtown space sit there empty.

Last night, the restaurant played host to designer Tom Ford's Fashion Week show, where a catwalk flowed down the stairs and then atop the pool.

While the space will get a refresh, everything appears to still be intact for the moment. 

Since the restaurant isn't fully up and running yet, the meal and cocktails came from Carbone, Major Food Group's decadent Italian restaurant downtown.

The space is no stranger to hosting star-studded tables—and last night was no exception. Guests ranged from Alicia Keys to Neil Patrick Harris, and, of course Vogue's Anna Wintour made an appearance.