Edin Park Food Hall To Open In L.A.

Beverly Grove's Edin Park will have 31 vendors, plus a rooftop

The U.S. is in the middle of a food hall craze, with places like Chicago's Revival and New York's Great Northern Food Hall both opening this summer. Now Eater L.A. drops the news that a 50,000-square-foot project called Edin Park is headed to a space near Beverly Grove late next year. With all of that square-footage, there's room for 31 different concepts spread across two floors, plus the building's rooftop and a communal dining space that can hold 600 diners.

There's no word on which vendors will take up residency but Octavio Becerra, who worked at Acabar before it closed, will be "curating"—aka deciding—who gets a spot.

The team behind Edin Park is also hoping to cut down on the wait time that's ubiquitous at so many food courts by instituting tableside ordering, which will likely happen via tablet, Eater says.

Meanwhile, the food hall will have some competition just a few minutes' drive away: Michael Mina is overseeing a food project at the Beverly Center. Both openings are more than a year away, so we'll have to wait and see which hall will rule them all.