Chick-Fil-A New Menu Healthy Options

The fried chicken giant hopes customers will flock to healthy new menu options

Chick-fil-A has built its name and business on fried chicken.

Some New Yorkers are so fanatical about those fried chicken sandwiches, in fact, that they waited for hours when the chain opened its first public location in the city late last year. But, apparently, a company can't survive on fried chicken alone: The chain is taking a page from healthier fast-casual chains and trying out grain bowls, like a Harvest Kale & Grain Bowl and an Egg White Grill Grain Bowl, Eater reports.

Egg White Grill Grain Bowl

The kale bowls are built on a base of red and white quinoa and farro, then topped with greens, roasted butternut squash, apples, nuts and chicken. Its breakfast counterpart combines the grain mixture with scrambled egg whites, cheddar and chicken. Both can be made vegetarian, but there's no word on whether there will be a quinoa-only gluten-free option. The company is also testing out some other healthy options, like a protein smoothie.

The last time Chick-fil-A updated its salad options was in 2013, and according to the company's vice president of menu strategy, David Farmer, "Since then, we've seen 50 percent growth in the salad category."

The bowls are being tested out in a few markets, including San Francisco, Sacramento, Tampa and Huntsville, Alabama. If they sell well, the items may be on Chick-fil-A menus nationally by 2018. With the kale craze in full swing for a couple of years now, will there be any kale left by then?