200 Easy-To-Follow Recipes With 6 Ingredients Or Less

Think less than 4 steps and fewer than 6 ingredients

Thanks to chef, author and photographer Jean-Francois Mallet's new book, Simple: The Easiest Cookbook in the World, you have no more excuses for not knowing what to make for dinner.

Equipped with easy-to-follow recipes, simple text and lots of photographs, this cookbook is as easy as it gets, folks. Each recipe contains no more than six ingredients (in addition, of course, to your basic, salt, pepper, olive oil, etc.) and has no more than four steps. 

Mallet wants his book to appeal to the average person who wonders what to make for dinner every night (ahem, us). As the book's introduction reads, "It can be a real challenge to come up with ideas for everyday cuisine. . . . This book is my attempt to share some everyday quick and easy recipes for all tastes."

Browse through 200 globally inspired recipes like Greek stuffed eggplant, and Thai basil beef sauté for dinner inspiration year-round. The book, first published in France in 2015, makes its way to American kitchens September 27.