A Breakfast Taqueria Just Opened In The NYC Subway

Commence the heated debate about food's place in the subway

A new breakfast taqueria is always good news, right? Well, what if that taqueria is in the New York City subway? The jury's still out, but this week's opening of Jalapa Jar in Brooklyn's Clark Street station will reignite the debate. The breakfast taqueria, located in the 2/3 station underneath the Hotel St. George, will be slinging tacos from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Hangry New Yorkers, it's ready for you.

Recent months have seen something of a turnaround in New York subways for commuters and tourists alike—depending on your stance on mixing subway grime, soaring temperatures and packed bodies with food consumption. In April, the Columbus Circle stop opened its own food court. Now Jalapa Jar is bringing a new part of town a much-needed injection of breakfast tacos into the morning commute.

Customers can choose between a bowl, or flour or corn tacos, which are then filled to their liking. "Mushy base" options include refried pinto beans and sweet potato, or jalapeño garlic mashed potato hash. Next come "fillings," with options like chorizo and spinach. Then come the toppings (think shredded cheese and chopped cilantro), salsas and the option to add crunchy tortilla chips into the mix. Sounds like they've got it all figured out.

Now the question becomes a much-contested issue of subway etiquette: To eat or not to eat your creation on the subway?