L.A.'s Lodge Bread Bakery Expands With Bread Truck

A new bread truck is roving the streets of Los Angeles, and it's a dispatch from Culver City's very buzzy carb destination Lodge Bread. Since opening last fall, co-owners Or Amsalam and Alexander Phaneuf have been turning out some of the city's best loaves (and some of the best loaves we've ever tasted).

Now they are taking their goods to the street. Well, to the city's farmers' markets to be exact, starting at the Beverly Hills market on Sundays and expanding to the Playa Vista and Arts District markets in the near future, the L.A. Times reports. But the truck could expand its rounds even further, Phaneuf says. "Who wants whole loaves in their neighborhood? We'll go there. We're permitted to be anywhere in L.A.," he adds.

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The truck, which the team bought on Craigslist and fixed up, is a throwback to the days of Helms Bakery delivering bread around L.A.. It's also an inexpensive way for the two to expand their business while getting their pizza project set up next door.