Video: Watch NYC's 10Below Serve Up Thai-Style Rolled Ice Cream

This popular rolled ice cream shop is an NYC original

The first of its kind in New York City, 10Below Ice Cream is inspired by the type of ice cream found in Thai markets. Freshly made ice cream custard base is poured directly onto an anti-thermal cold plate—a flat surface that runs well below 10˚ (hence the name of the shop).

The fresh custard is then spread out over the plate and mix-ins are folded into the base, creating concoctions like "Matcha Made in Heaven" and the swoony "S'mores Galore" sundae. Pining to go your own way? The prepared to order process allows for the customization of your dreams. Whatever you choose, the technique produces a delicious frozen treat and also a beautiful one, making it an Instagram favorite.

In July of 2016, the shop expanded to open its third location within a year in the Lower East Side. This time around things got a little roomier to accommodate the shop's huge fan following.

Watch the video above as co-owner Richard Tam shows us how it's done.